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Postcards [3], depicting scenes from France during World War One. [1] — La Grande Geurre — Peronne — Une Rue — A Street; [2] — The Great War,— Peronne — The Church destroyed by the Germans — L'Eglise detruite par les Allemands; [3] — The Great War — Peronne — Aspect of the town entirely destroyed by the Germans before their flight — Aspect de la ville completement detruite par les Allemands avant leur fuite.
Together they make up the pages of a letter.

Reverse [1]:
[Handwritten in pencil]
Dear Harry
Well old man I am having a bon time over here just now on 14 days leave and its some good to be out of France for a change and I am just sending you a few postcards of France just to give you a slight idea of what it looks like over there just now this town I haven't seen so can't say anything about it.

Reverse [2]:
[Handwritten in pencil]
by jove the paper is read all right just now and I think peace is not very far off and here's one who doesn't care how soon it comes either. It's not bon this war game to [sic] many get hurt at it for any liking I saw Sid Monk a while back he was looking first rate and was on a good job in the tunnelling corps well back from the line but I expect he has been up in the thick of it again since then. For myself I have been

Reverse [3]:
[Handwritten in pencil]
very lucky most of this last stint our unit have been carting from the ammunitions dump to the battery wagon lines so we haven't been amongst the shells much except now and then old Fritzwould scatter a few round the back areas and we had a few land handy to us. Well I must ring off now best regards from yours etc. B Howell.

[Note — Were among the possessions of Harry Thomas of Reikorangi].
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Postcard [1] from Bert HowellPostcard [1] from Bert Howell
Postcard [2] from Bert HowellPostcard [2] from Bert Howell
Postcard [3] from Bert PowellPostcard [3] from Bert Powell
Postcards [1-3], reverse - from Bert PowellPostcards [1-3], reverse - from Bert Powell