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Sergeant Arthur James Brown 45752 War Diary 1943
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Sgt P Ripley H.Q. Squad 6th R.T.R from Jim Hanna
Mrs A Elsworthy Enquiry Bureau Geyira Club C/o Sharria Malika Farida
Mrs De Villiers
11844 Lt N Sommerville 16th Composite Coy A.S.C. 3rd Division J.P A.P.O 150 Overseas
441694 L/Bbd Rus Thomas 22 Anti/tank Bty
Mr K Moffatt 62 Hassall ST tIMARU
Rex No5 Squadron R.A.F India


Tuesday 5th — Back to camp

Wednesday 6th — 69022 Pte N.W Monk B Coy 29th Btn. 2nd NZEFIP NZAPO 150

Thursday 7th — [List of names next to places]
Noumea — Henry
Nafwa — Johnie
New Hebridies — Bill
Solomans — Frank
Guadalcanal — Stewart
Tulagi — Ted
Bouganville — Alf
New Britain — Dunbar
Rabal — Bob
Bew Ireland — Dudley

Saturday 9th — Ride to Taihape with Gordon Lindsay. Swam in baths. Train to Marton
Taxi to Wanganui 7/6.

Sunday 10th — 2 swims Kai Iwi Beach. Bus to Marton 6/— Taxi from Taihape 8/—

Monday 11th — B.O.S very tiring. Letter from David.

Tuesday 12th — Wrote to David

Wednesday 13th — [List of names next to places]:
New Guinea — Paddy
Lae — Dave
Salamanca — Dick
Australia — Ralph
Borneo — Mac
Sumatra — Percy
India — Rex

Friday 15th — Out with 7 troop 1 tank stuck for night.

Saturday 16th — Phoned home. Ordnance recovered tank.

Sunday 17th — Phoned home

Monday 18th — Sea kit, beret, set cotton undies, housewife & holdall, jersey & sandals, 1 flannel shirt, 2 woolen singlets, 2 pr socks, 1 pr stocking footless, 1 towel, bathing togs, ********

Tuesday 19th — Embarcation parade. Letter mum.

Thursday 21st — Went out with tanks 7 troop. Stayed night.

Friday 22nd — Went deer stalking saw 12. Engine trouble, to camp OK.

Saturday 23rd — Mrs Dunlop Wan.
Taxi to Marton [pound symbol] 7. Left 1209 arr 1400 trail left 1407 arr home 1800 hrs.

Sunday 24th — David arranged **/ship. Left home 1900 Sunday train very crowded. Got seat on limited, no taxi at Taihape so went on to Kune got Mrs White 35/—

Monday 25th — Wrote home.

Tuesday 26th Browning shooting. Wrote Marjorie.

Wednesday 27th — Wrote to Ella

Thursday 28th — Went to Taihape in Jeep.

Friday 29th — Signed agreement and posted home.
Saturday 30th — Went Tauramaranui.

Sunday 31st — Wrote David & Ronnie.


Wednesday 3rd — convoy left 2000 hrs over Field Track. Slept 2300 hrs.

Thursday 4th — 0300 proceeded Wanganui then Brunswick Maxwell Kai Iwi Beach (had swim) Gonville Health Camp. Went to U. Franks evening.

Friday 5th — River Road to Pipiriki swim across river. Raetihi Ohakune Camp.

Sunday 7th — B.O.S. Wrote home.

Wednesday 10th — Wrote to Marjorie.

Friday 12th — Quartering.

Saturday 13th — Leave train to Taihape. Hitch hiked to Utiku and then to Mangaweka & bus to Kim. Arr 1715. Good trip.

Sunday 14th — Went around Parklands. Fixed up lawn mower. Caught relief 1809 Fld. In bed 2250. Good trip.

Monday 15th — wrote home.

Friday 26th — Granted 26 hrs leave.

Saturday 27th — leave cancelled generally. Phoned home 4 min 2/—. Went for walk.


Tuesday 2nd — Had 3 teeth filled.

Thursday 4th — Btn. Ord. Sgt.
Weekend leave cancelled sent wire home.

Saturday 6th — Sent wire home. Furlough Monday.

Sunday 7th — Went to concert in camp theatre by Wgtn Artists. V. Good. Phoned Ronnie.

Monday 8th — Left 0640 on furlough. Changed to Napier Ex at P.N. car at Otaki. Lunched with Ronnie & family at P.N. C & Cs.

Tuesday 9th — dipping Hooper's sheep. Went for swim.

Thursday 11th — Went to Waik Sale. Tilyards to tea.

Friday 12th — Repaired gutter with plastic Bitumen.

Saturday 13th — Went to Trentham Races in car. Ron, Glady, Jean & I. Fine.

Sunday 14th — Went to Bennetts. Mills to lunch from Downs. Edgar & Douglas Purdie called.

Monday 15th — Ronnie & Glady went home leaving the boys. I went to Wgtn 1730 train to Markhams.

Tuesday 16th — Went through a/cs with David. 3.00 Ex to Camp.

Wednesday 17th — Wrote to Dad.

Saturday 20th — Went deer stalking. 12 mile camp Desert Rd 0900. Saw 6 deer at 1800 hrs. No shots.

Sunday 21st — Went out early morning saw nothing. Good weather.

Monday 22nd — Wrote home.

Tuesday 23rd — Letter from Dad. Wrote to David.

Thursday 25th — Rode motorbike around Rangiwea block 46 miles.

Friday 26th — Vehicle Picquet

Saturday 27th — Prepared for deer stalking but nothing happened.

Sunday 28th — Went for a walk.

Monday 29th — Had a swim.

Wednesday 31st — Went out in tanks with H.Q. troop behind Karioi aerodrome.


Thursday 1st — Night driving with 7 troop around Rangiwea block. Letter from Mj.

Friday 2nd — Letter from David

Saturday 3rd — Letter from Mum. Sent parcel home.

Sunday 4th — Wrote home. Went out to see Marines.

Wednesday 7th — Rode motor bike.

Thursday 8th — Rode over Fields Track to Raetihi, Ohakune Camp 82 miles. Wrote to Marjorie.

Friday 9th — Went to Wanganui with Charlie Young via Marton left 2000hrs.

Sunday 11th — Back to camp over Parapera.

Monday 12th — Sent box home by rail sent parcel mail.

Tuesday 13th — Moved out to Admirals Pool

Friday 16th — Letters from Mum and Marjorie. Went to Tokaanu hot baths.

Saturday 17th — Went to Taupo 12 hour leave. Saw Waireki and Huka Falls.

Wednesday 21st — Letter from dad.

Friday 23rd — went to hot bath Tokaanu.

Saturday 24th — wrote to Ronnie.

Sunday 25th — Wrote home.

Tuesday 27th — (Went into Waiouru got Heavy Trade Licence 4/5/43)

Wednesday 28th (Shooting 10 rounds 2pr 6/5/43 belt besa)


Saturday 1st — Letter from home.

Sunday 2nd — Wrote home.

Tuesday 4th — Went into Waiouru got Heavy Trade Licence. Phoned home 2/11.

Wednesday 5th — Shooting 10rds 2 prs bet Besa.

Thursday 6th — Box book parcel cakes arrived from home.

Friday 7th — Letter from Mj

Saturday 8th — Into waiouru with rations, snow on the road. Hot bath Tokaanu.

Sunday 9th — Wrote home.

Monday 10th — Packing up. Moved to Hautapu Stream.

Tuesday 11th — Moved to Tautara.

Wednesday 12th — Moved to Rangataiki Plains. Severe frost.

Thursday 13th — Wrote to Ella. Night move through forest 57 miles.

Friday 14th — Repaired roads in forests, chased pigs.

Saturday 15th — Wrote to Marjorie. Wrote home.

Sunday 16th — Moved to Rotorua Motor Camp.

Wednesday 19th — Went to Mamaku.

Thursday 20th — Went to Cambridge.

Friday 21st — Leave in Cambridge. Wrote home.

Sunday 23rd — Moved to Ngarawahia.

Monday 24th — Moved to Helvetia.

Tuesday 25th — Ray.

Wednesday 26th — Wrote home.

Thursday 27th — Went to Papakura to Dentist 3 fillings.

Saturday 29th — Went to Waiuku to Richardsons.

Sunday 30th — Wrote to Ronnie.

Monday 31st — Wrote home.


Saturday 5th — Went to Ellerslie met Ronnie & Glady got wet. Went to Govt. House for meal and got dry. Went to pictures.

Sunday 6th — Went to Rita's with Ronnie & Glady.

Monday 7th — Went to dinner and pictures with Ronnie.

Tuesday 8th — Went on Furlough, train left Pukekohe 4.27 pm.

Wednesday 9th — Home on Fields had breakfast at Levin at Princess St.

Friday 11th — Took drive shaft out of Austin. Crown pinion worn & broken.

Saturday 12th — Towed Austin to Southgates. Picked black berry.

Sunday 13th — Went to see P.H.B. Saw Lancaster.

Monday 14th — Registered both cars 2.11.6. Crutching.

Tuesday 15th — Phyllis & I went to town with Marjorie. Saw DM.

Wednesday 16th — Pressed bale *** To Levin with Tilyards caught train 6pm.

Thursday 17th — Camp 7.30. Went to Auck in afternoon in truck.

Friday 18th — 2 TANKS GROUP broken up. 292 to go to 3rd Div rest 10th Rein. I'm not in 3rd Div.

Saturday 19th — went to Rita's for 36hrs. Wrote home.

Sunday 20th — [List of names next to places]:
Australia — Ralph
Melbourne — Alex
Perth — Andy
Cairo — Charlie
Panama — Peter
England — Allan

Thursday 24th — Left Pukekohe 7 days special leave.

Friday — Home on 9 train exp 1 hour late paid lodge. Closed Taihape P.O.S.B. Crutching.

Saturday 26th — Crutching. Phoned David.

Sunday 27th — Phoned Ella. Went to see P.H.B. ***** for tie.

Monday 28th — Crutching.

Tuesday 29th — Finished crutching. Brought Austin home. a 2nd hand differential fitted..

Wednesday 30th — 10 train to Wanganui. Bill met me Aramo.


Friday 2nd — 5pm train to Marton good seat on exp.

Saturday 3rd — Arrived in camp 8.30. Went to Auck 2pm saw football & pictures.

Sunday 4th — Went to Rita's.

Monday 5th — Wrote home, Marjorie, David.

Tuesday 6th — Wrote Bill Monk.

Wednesday — Wrote Ronnie.

Thursday 8th — Moved to Papakura.

Friday 9th — Wrote to Ella.

Saturday 10th — Wrote home.

Sunday 11th — Went to Rita's.

Monday 12th — Letter from David. sent parcel home. Wrote to David, wrote to Bill Russell.

Tuesday 13th — Letter from Mj.

Wednesday 14th — Letter from home. Saw picture Tree of Liberty very good.

Thursday 15th — Wrote to Violet. Wrote to Mort.

Friday 16th — Wrote home.

Saturday 17th — Went to Rita's. Football.

Sunday 18th — Went to Rita's.

Tuesday 20th — Left Papakura.

Wednesday 21st — Train to ship.

Thursday 22nd — Berth in Upper Grand Hall 36000 tons 23 knots.

Friday 23rd — Started voyage 0230. Proceeded south into cold SE weather.

Saturday 24th — Rounded Stewart Is.

Tuesday 27th — Tied up at Hobart 1130. Left 1600. Fine.


Monday 2nd — Outside Freemantle 0800. Tied up 1400. Went to Perth.

Tuesday 3rd — Went to Perth & Mundaring.

Wednesday 4th — Left wharf 0630 left roadstead 1145.

Thursday 5th — Sqd O.C.

Friday 6th — Group O.C.

Sunday 15th — Sighted land entrance to Red Sea. Visibility poor, haze.

Monday 16th — At times visibility nil dust & haze no land in sight.

Wednesday 18th — Arrived at Tufik about 0800. I was in 1st lighter ashore 10.30. Then big truck to Maadi through Dead City arr 1630 very hot.

Thursday 19th — Pay.

Thursday 26th — Went into Cairo took watch to India Co. for repairs. est 70p on 7 Sept.

Sunday 29th — Wrote home posted paper. Wrote P.H.B.

Monday 30th — Wrote Ronnie.


Sunday 5th — Ritchie Russell 22nd Motor Btn.
36809 John Ross.

Monday 6th — Bob Monk came over. 241884 L/Cpl Monk R.H. 2nd Ammo Coy. N.Z.A.S.C. 2nd N.Z.E.F. M.E.F.

Tuesday 7th — Went into Cairo to get watch, not ready until Thursday. Went to Mouski with Bob & others.

Friday 10th — Wrote home.

Monday 13th — Posted to 18th Reg. Wrote home AG.

Tuesday 14th — Wrote Rex.

Thursday 16th — Moved to Burg el Arab left at 0600 slow trip arrived 1500 about 120 miles.

Sunday 19th — Went trip to El Alamein.

Wednesday 22nd — Went to Alex bought 1 pr rubber sold boots 200. 4 pr silk ***** 35p ea. 1 hand'f 15p.

Thursday 23rd — Wrote home A.G. Sent parcel home.

Friday 24th — Wrote John McKee 47836 Sgt John McKee DMS Office H.Q. 2N.Z.E.F M.E.F.

Sunday 26th — Went for trip El Alamein. Posted Xmas cards.

Tuesday 28th — Went out into Desert Inter Comm spare ***.


Saturday 2nd — Recevied patriotic parcel & letter from Mum & Ella 21 July.

Tuesday 5th — Received letter from Mj & Phyllis 3 Aug. Wrote home & sent Xmas cards.

Wednesday 6th — Wrote to John Ross. Letter from Mae.

Thursday 7th — Wrote to Rita.

Friday 8th — Wrote to ronnie Ag. Wrote to Marjorie Ag.

Saturday 9th — left Burg el Arab.

Wednesday 13th — To Mex

Friday 15th — To wharf.

Saturday 16th — To Amiria.

Sunday 17th — Fatigue party saw Personel party. Wrote to Phyllis Wrote to Monty.

Monday 18th — On board.

Tuesday 19th — Started trip.

Saturday 23rd — Arrived Malta.

Tuesday 26th — Left Malta.

Wednesday 27th — Lightning.

Friday 29th — Arrived Bari.

Sunday 31st — Letters from John Ross. Letters from Tom Pritchard. Cables from Mj Jean, Phyllis.


Monday 1st — Moved passed through Foggia in ruins.

Friday 5th — Attached to A Sqd.

Sunday 7th — Wrote home. Wrote Mj A.G.

Thursday 11th — Wrote home A.G. Wrote Jean A.G.

Friday 12th — Wrote Ronnie.

Saturday 13th — Posted N.Z.E.F Times to Mj. Wrote Ella A.G.

Sunday 14th — Wrote Bill Monk A.G.

Monday 15th — A.G. from Jean.

Tuesday 16th — Moved to Furci. Crossed Trigno.

Thursday 18th — Wrote Jean A.G. Went on tour Cupello Isoma.

Friday 19th — Wrote A.G. home 71 days 3/213

Monday 22nd — Moved up to front. Mud terrible obstacle. Heard first enemy shelling.

Tuesday 23rd — Shell landed 50 yds from dingo. No damage.

Saturday 27th — Letters from Dad Mum Phyllis Jean Bill Monk & David. Posted up to 6 Sept.

Tuesday 30th — Crossed Sangro River 1600 hrs. Sent cable & accounts to David.


Thursday 2nd — Wrote 3 AG. home. Wrote John Ross.

Friday 3rd — Action Orsogne.

Saturday 4th — Wrote David A.G.

Monday 6th — Wrote John McKee sent paper to Monty. A.G. from Mum & Mj. P. 19/10
Letter from Mum. P. 10/10/43
Letter from Mj. P. 26/8/43

Wednesday 8th — Anti personel bombs 1 didn't explode. Wrote A.G. home.

Thursday 9th — Letter from Dad 26 Sept Letter from Ronnie 26 Aug. A.G. from Jean 19 Oct.

Friday 10th — Wrote Jean A.G.

Saturday 11th — Wrote Ronnie A.G.

Sunday 12th — Wrote home A.G.

Monday 13th — Moved to Castle frentano.

Tuesday 14th — Letter from Jean 4 Oct.

Wednesday 15th — Sent cable home 2.87.65.
Went to B2.

Sunday 19th — Wrote AG. home Wrote AG Bill Monk. Wrote to Bob Monk.

Tuesday 21st — Letterd from Phyl 14 Oct. Letters from Dad 23 Oct. Letters from Mj 26 Oct. A.G. Mum 21 Nov. Cables from Mj & * Julius.

Thursday 23rd — Wrote Jean A.G. Cold fog.

Friday 24th — Cold fog.

Saturday 25th — Cold showers

Sunday 26th — Cold showers.

Monday 27th — Sun shine & wind.

Tuesday 28th — Wrote to Phyllis A.G.

Thursday 30th — Letter from Bob Monk. Wrote home AG.

Personal Memos
Pay 21—7—43 to 18—8—43 29 days @ 4/6 6—10—6
Cash credit 2—0—0
18—8—43 to 13—9—43 26 days @ 3/6
13—9—43 to 31—12—43 109 days @ 3/— 16—7—0
[Total] 29—8—6

[Last page & Back Cover]
15 matches
take 16th & 10th . match to make opponent take last match picked up in groups of 1, 2 or 3.

[Writing covered by black tape]

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