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Trooper/Lance Corporal Arthur James Brown 45752 War Diary 1944 — 1945
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*** = illegible
Ag = aerogram


Sgt H Mills 29395 18 NZ Armoured Reg 2NZEF MEF
Cpl J K Jones 15063 18 NZ Armoured Reg 2NZEF
A E Stewart 17383 Vogel St, Clinton, South Otago
D G Cotton 16096 Wakatu, Nelson
J R McMillan 281722 Hukanui Station, Ruatoria


Tuesday 18th – moved to B.2 Mignano.

Wednesday 19th – moved to Pietramelara.

Saturday 22nd — moved to Avelano.

Tuesday 25th (Anzac Day) – parcel from Jean 14th January. 4 Freelances. Digest. Humour. PK. 6 Sunlight soap. 102 days. Parcel from Mj 27th February. 58 days. Stockings, 2 Sunlight soap, 2 Protest soap. Went on brigade run.

Wednesday 26th – rainy day. Posted Ag Jean.

Thursday 27th – Brigade run evening.

Friday 28th – run to Naples. Ag from Ronnie 2 Apr posted Ag Phyll.

Saturday 29th – 230 bombers passed over on way to Toulon wrote Ag to Mum and Mj.

Sunday 30th – cold day, snow.


Monday 1st – posted Ag Mj.

Tuesday 2nd – posted Ag Ronnie. Moved to B squad.

Wednesday 3rd – Moved up to San Pietro. Arrived 1.30am Thursday.

Friday 5th – washed shirt. Letter from Bill Russell 7 March, 59 days. Had hot shower.

Saturday 6th – moved to AI esch B squad. Went to A squad, moved to inferno, letter from A.Cas 28 Feb, 68 Ag from Mum 10 April, 26 days.
Sunday 7th – posted Ag Mum, digging dugout.

Monday 8th – digging dugout.

Tuesday 9th – put some **** logs on dugout. Picquet.

Wednesday 10th – Ag from Wills family 9th April, 31 days.

Thursday 11th – letter from Dad 17 March, 55 days. Posted Ag Wills. Attack started 2300 hours from Mt Cairo to sea.
Friday 12th – posted Ag Dad.

Sunday 14th – 2 parcels from home, letters from Koti 19 March, Bill M 6 March, Mj 2 April.

Monday 15th – posted Ag Koti.
Tuesday 16th – posted Ag Mj. Ag from Mum 20 April 26 days. Ag from David 26 April 20 days.

Wednesday 17th – posted Ag Jean.

Thursday 18th – letter from Rex.

Friday 19th – moved back to San Vittori. Jerry planes bombed Route 6 near our camp.

Monday 22nd – posted Ag Mum. Letter from Phyll 30 March 53 days. Bob M called in. Ag Mum 2 May 20. Ag Cliff 2 May 20. Ag Mabel 30 April 22.

Tuesday 23rd – Handed in 2 woollen shirts, 2 woollen vests, 3 woollen upants, 1 gloves, 1 blanket.

Thursday 25th – posted letter to Rex. Moved up through Casino in daylight. Castroceilo.

Friday 26th – posted Ag to Phyll. Roccasecea. Went back to B1 6pm broken diff.

Saturday 27th – moved to B2. Ken took car to workshops.

Sunday 28th – had hair cut 15L. Saw Bob stayed night by ourselves.

Monday 29th – moved to B2 at Roccasecea. Ag from Jean 5 May 24d. Ag from Mont 7 May 22 days. Phyll 10th May 19 days. Had swim in Melpha R.

Tuesday 30th – posted Ag Mj.

Wednesday 31st – moved past Arce. Posted Ag Mum.


Friday 2nd – moved to Castelmari Monastry. Inhabitants in poor state.

Saturday 3rd – saw Trev Morrah.

Monday 5th – moved to Veroli. Went back to HQ squad.

Tuesday 6th – 2nd front started. Handed in BD and jerkin. Parcel from home 20 March 78 days. Cake, 2 tins peanut ****** 3 hankies, coffee and milk, oysters, 2 AK Weeklys, 2 Freelance, Ag from Dad 14 May 23 days.
Wednesday 7th – parcel home 1st March 98 days. 2 AK Weeklys, 2 Freelance, tin biscuits, PK, Tar soap, posted Ag Dad. Received Daimler car 978 miles.

Thursday 8th – posted Ag Phyll. Parcel from A Cas. Ken to Rome.

Friday 9th – wrote Ag David.

Saturday 10th – letter from Mj 3 June 7 days. Wrote Ag Jean. Saw pictures.

Sunday 11th – moved 300 yds. Parcel from home 28 Feb 104 days. 2 AK Weeklys, 2 Freelance, Straight Furrow, PK, pummice, nail brush.

Monday 12th – Ag from Ronnie 21 May 22 days.

Wednesday 14th – on quarter guard, saw pictures.

Thursday 15th – Ag from Mum 28 May 18 days. Had swim in Liri at Sora.

Friday 16th – went for swim, river v muddy, no swim.

Saturday 17th – posted Ag Mum.

Sunday 18th – posted Ag to A Cas.

Monday 19th – posted Ag Cliff, letter from JF 8 June 11 days. Patriotic parcel Sunshine Club Wanganui – cake, lambs tongue, peaches, C & M, sweets, foot powder.

Tuesday 20th – cookhouse, Kiwi Concert Party.
Wednesday 21st – line patrol.

Thursday 22nd – letter from Dad 25 April 58 days. Worked on road.

Friday 23rd – route march.
Saturday 24th – brigade sports Isola del Liri. Letter from Barry 30 April 55. Letter from Naney.

Sunday 25th – very heavy rain.

Monday 26th – posted Ag Dad.

Tuesday 27th – posted NZEF Times Barry. Letter from Jim M 2 April 86 days. Line patrol.

Wednesday 28th – posted letter to Barry. Went to finish off Brigade sports.

Thursday 29th – letter from Dad 9 April 81 days. Letter from Mont 9 April 81 days. Airmail from Phyll 16 April 74 days. Exchange. Issued with 2 pr slacks, 2 pr shorts.

Friday 30th – Exchange.


Saturday 1st – pay drew £8 paid £7—10—0 to WMCA to buy 1 doz hand towel £5, 2 bath towels £2. Ag from Jean 10 June 22 days. Went for swim in Liri. Dentist 3 fillings, 1 wisdom tooth extracted.

Sunday 2nd – went for swim Liri.

Monday 3rd – went for squadron picnic Fiuggi swam in warm lake. Locality vastly different to most of Italy. Pictures ‘Mr Lucky’.

Tuesday 4th – posted Ag Mum.

Wednesday 5th – levelled cricket pitch near Frosimore. Injection TAB 5 typhus 5.

Thursday 6th – posted airmail letter card Jean. Exchange.

Friday 7th – cookhouse, pictures, TDH.
Saturday 8th – went to the regimental manoeuvre Castel Mari Monastry. Got slacks sewn up 50L.

Monday 10th – packed up.

Tuesday 11th – moved. Left 2am, passed through Rome. Camped 20 miles up route 3, 92 miles. Spoke to Tony Langley, Arthur Dobb? Tell Smithy.

Wednesday 12th – travelled 97 miles to Southwest of Lake Trasimeno.

Thursday 13th – crook with stomach. Moved 22 miles to Cortona, good soil, better class farming.

Friday 14th – wrote Ag home.

Saturday 15th – Ag from Mum 26 June 19 days. Gladdie 26 June 19 days. AM from Mj 1 July 14 days. Wrote air m to MJ. Had swim in Lake Trasimeno, warm. Bob M came over.

Sunday 16th – climbed up to Cortona, extensive view.

Monday 17th – Ken in ballot for furlough.

Tuesday 18th – Ken left to lake.

Wednesday 19th – Daimler mileage 1591. Posted parcel for Ken. Ag from Jean. Parcel from home 11 April 98 days. (parcel home cake mouldy 17 April 92 days)

Thursday 20th – Ken left 0630. Attached to 1.0.
Friday 21st – moved 58 miles, 6 miles north of Siena. Ag from Mum 3 July 18 days.

Saturday 22nd – moved 6 miles, tank in action.

Sunday 23rd – moved 7 miles.

Monday 24th – posted NZEF Times Mj. Posted Ag Mum.

Thursday 27th – ran over small mine. Blew tyre to pieces, bent rim back, LAD used gas to cut rim to remove wheel. Letter and parcel from Mj 20 July.

Friday 28th – car repairs from part of another Daimler blown up on mine field.

Sunday 30th – brake feet adjusted B2, cylinder refill. Letter from Phyll 9 June 51 d. Johnnie Philp.

Monday 31st – moved to patch of bush.


Tuesday 1st – 100 yds in front of heavy barrage 25 pounds 3.7” 105SP.

Wednesday 2nd – spoke to John Ross. Moved to Count’s residence Conte Bini Smachi.

Saturday 5th – sent cable home. Rainy morning. Greased car.

Monday 7th – G. 19. 2. 2. Ag from Mum 17 July 21. Ag from A.Cas 17 July 21.

Tuesday 8th – posted Ag Mum. Green env Dad containing Ken’s 1.0.0.

Wednesday 9th – posted air L.C. to Mj.

Thursday 10th – letters from Dad 25 June 46, Phyll 21 June 50, air L.C. from Rex 20 July 21.

Friday 11th – posted letter to Ken. Ag to Ronnie. YMCA statement to hand. Parcel posted 3 August, cash received 731P, total cost 729P.

Monday 14th – Jerry stonked R.H.Q. at 0100 hours 200 rounds in 7 minutes and at 0130 hours 120 rounds in 7 minutes. Direct hit on Daimler on engine. Evacuated. Mileage approx 1953. 1591 start, 362 miles. Posted Ag Phyll, NZEF Times Mum, moved back to B1 area, travelling with Danny Barber.
Tuesday 15th – moved 25 miles back to brigade area, 8 miles north of Siena.

Wednesday 16th – pictures “Wintertime” Sonja Heine.

Thursday 17th – wrote to Johnnie Philp, wrote to Rex, wrote green env Mj containing Rex’s last letter.

Friday 18th – Ag from Mum 30 July 19 d, Ag from Ronnie 23 July, 26d, Ag from Mabel 23 July 26d. Parcel from Mj 9 August 9 d. Heavy rain from 1100 to 1300.
Saturday 19th – parade 1100 hrs.

Sunday 20th – posted Mj 9 Aug letter to Mum in green env.

Monday 21st – left camp 0600 for beach. Arr. 0900 10 miles south of Pi*mbino 63 miles. Sea beautiful and warm, had 3 swims.

Tuesday 22nd – had 5 swims.

Wednesday 23rd – had 4 swims. Left 1355, arrived camp 1655 hrs. Took over Ford. Parcel from Mj D******, Ag from Mont 6 August.

Thursday 24th – parade for Winstone (sic) Churchill. Parade 0915 em*****d 0945. Went about 6 miles towards Siena. Formed up on roadside, Churchill passed 1225. Wireless installed in car.

Sunday 27th – saw Kiwi Concern Party. No 10 revue very good. 99 ADS area 6 miles north of Siena.

Monday 28th – travelled 134 miles through Siena, Perugia, Foligno.
Tuesday 29th – travelled 96 miles through Foligno, Tolentino, Macerata and Fesi. Generator not charging, batteries run down, starter wouldn’t work, just made trip before engine failed, engine oil almost nil.

Wednesday 30th – maintenance. Ag from Mum 12 Aug 18, Ag from Cliff 7 Aug 23.

Thursday 31st – Bob Monk came over.


Friday 1st – went for swim in Adriatic10 miles NW of Ancona. Drew £5 pay. Sent YMCA order for £5 silk stockings. Parcel from Phyll 15 May 109.
Saturday 2nd – wireless. Dentist had 3 fillings. Pictures.

Sunday 3rd – letter from C of E 2NZEF. Bob M came over.

Monday 4th – posted 2 Ag Mum. G 18. 6. 2. Pictures “Mutiny of the Bounty”.
Tuesday 5th – posted air L Mj. Posted Ag Ronnie. Posted letter to Simon Mills. Left 4pm, moved 32 miles to north bank Metaura River.

Thursday 7th – parcel MJ 23 Aug 15. Letter Mj 31 Aug 8. Parcel from Phyll 17 May.
Friday 8th – posted letter MJ NZEF Times Mj.
Saturday 9th – posted air LC Phyll.

Sunday 10th – attended mines demonstration. Posted Ag David. Posted Ken’s postcard Cortona.

Monday 11th – posted Ag Jean. Posted parcel home – Jerry book, postcards, Veroli and Cortona parcel clothes.

Tuesday 12th – parade 10.30. ERS lecture. Run 1500. Showers. Pictures at Bde. Posted letter to Bill Russell.

Wednesday 13th – paid Stew 40L for 4 copies of tp photo. Applied for course in ERS of biology.

Thursday 14th – patriotic parcel Ak Metropolitan Pat Arm – cake, peaches, green peas, oysters, C&M, barley sugar, Andrews, Sunlight soap, aspro, PK. Sqn rifle shoot 41 out of 50.
Friday 15th – saw rugby match 19vBde. Posted NZEF Times Mum. Paid Dug (sic) 20 lire for 20 Xmas cards.
Saturday 16th – moved 20 miles through Fano Pesaro. Ag from Glady 20 Aug 27, Jean 28th Aug 19.

Sunday 17th – generator not charging.

Monday 18th – posted air LC home. Ag Mont. Parcel from home 12 June 98 d. Parcel from home 22 June 88 d. Generator not charging.
Tuesday 19th – moved at 9am 9 miles to Abbassinia (sic). Had swim.

Wednesday 20th – Ag from Mum 28 Aug. Attached to A Sqn left Abbassinia 6.30pm. Moved 11 miles. Very dark and dowdy. Rain during end of trip, parked in a maize field, rain all night, bog everywhere.

Thursday 21st – posted letter Glady. Northerly rain all day, very over cast.
Friday 22nd – Dug and Hugo went home. Moved 4pm into Rimini. Slept in Albergo San Parlo.

Saturday 23rd – went to A Sqn 10 O.C. attached to Maori Btn Col Young. Heavy shelling while visiting forward Coys. Letter from Phyll July 18 67 d.
Sunday 24th – returned from forward area to houses near junction Route 9 and Route 16. Turkey for dinner, went for swim, letter from MJ 13 Sept 11d.

Monday 25th – went for swim. Attached to 1.0. Rain at night, roof leaking.

Wednesday 27th – parcel from Mj 14th Sept 13. Moved 4pm 6 miles, good house infantry.

Thursday 28th – moved 4pm 4 miles. Rain all day, wet 1 trip good house on coast road.

Saturday 30th – parcel from A Nell 8 May145. 1 flannel shirt issued.


Sunday 1st – drove about 60 miles

Monday 2nd – driving in heavy rain from 9am till 4pm. Took dose rum and turned in at 6.30. BD trousers issued for work new gas cape.

Tuesday 3rd – BD issued 2 woolen vests, 2 woolen u pants issued.

Wednesday 4th – moved back 7 miles from Belaria to Liserba. Jerkin issued.

Friday 6th – posted 6 xmas cards. Ag from Mont 17 Sept 19d.

Saturday 7th – Air letter arrived from Mum 17 Sept 20.

Sunday 8th – posted letter Mj. Heavy rain water poured through roof had to sweep it down the stairs. Kept my bed dry.

Monday 9th – posted Air LC Mum.

Tuesday 10th – posted NZEF Times Mum.

Wednesday 11th – posted Air LC Phyll. Ag A Nell. Letter Jean 20 Sept 21.YMCA notified parcel posted home 26 Sept 6 pr stockings 17/— = NZ 21/—

Thursday 12th – went for 5 miles walk.

Friday 13th – posted Ag P.H.G.B. Parcel from Mj 27 Sept 16. Went to Rimini to football.

Saturday 14th – went to Rimini to football. Went to pictures.

Sunday 15th – went to Rimini to football. Received E.R.S course and booklet on Biology.

Monday 16th – posted Ag Cliff. Posted Air LC Mum. Moved up 17 miles to Gambettola slept in house.

Tuesday 17th – no move. Rain started 3pm.

Wednesday 18th – letter from Dad 28 July 82d. Cable from Jean 11 Oct 9d. Air LC Mum 2 Oct 16. No move.

Thursday 19th – attack started. Moved from Gambelotta (sic) to Macerana 6 miles. Very little opposition.

Friday 20th – moved twice about 6 miles to 2 North of Mani Cesena Cesenica Road. No shelling.

Saturday 21st – Air letter from Mj 9 Oct 12. No shelling.

Sunday 22nd – posted letter Mj. No shelling.

Monday 23rd – letter from Dad 27 Aug 57 days. No shelling.

Tuesday 24th – moved back through Gambelotta (sic) to Route 9 to Rimini then through Pesaro Fano Chiviatella to Route 76 through Jesi to Fabriano 120 miles. Air L from Mj 5 Sept 49d.

Wednesday 25th – living in house good roof civil ** light on outskirts of Fabriano. Letter from Bill Monk 10 Aug 76. 2 Ag from Jean 5 Oct 20. RSA Pamphlet PHGB 18 Aug 68. Cable from Phyll 16 Oct 9. Rainy.

Thursday 26th – stripped car. Received 100 lire being refund of Xmas card money for troop. I won raffle. Rainy.

Friday 27th – handed car in to LAD for evacuation. Bob Monk came over. Went to pictures Y.M. Orchestral Wives. Stopped rainy.

Saturday 28th – Shirt, beret, working BD top issued. Rainy.

Sunday 29th – posted Air LC Mum. Lace up gumboots issued.

Tuesday 31st – greased car (Geoffs). Bought 14 Xmas cards 70L posted. Posted (2)NZEF Times Mum.


Wednesday 1st – Air LC from Mum 10 Oct 22. Air LC from Phyll 11 Oct 21. Posted Romagna and other tourist pamphlets to Gwen Koti, Ella, Ronnie, Eve.

Thursday 2nd – posted parcel home Romagna, Crete, sox, scarfe. Posted postcards Koti, Ronnie, Mum. Christmas Cards Tony, Graham. Bought postcards and Xmas C 35L. Went to ENSA concert.

Friday 3rd – Showery. Bought 100L almonds shelled. Went to Canadian concert.

Saturday 4th – v fine day. Washed jersey, towel, sea kit, shirt, vest, u pants, sox, denim BD. Handed in 3 blankets for washing. Went to pictures. Denna Durbin. Bought 3 pr gloves 17/6 ea. Had leather sandles ½ soled and heeled.

Sunday 5th – drew £2—10—0 to pay for gloves. G. 26—5—2.

Monday 6th – posted Air LC Jean.

Tuesday 7th – Ag from Glady 14 Oct 24. Went to football. Bob came over in evening.

Wednesday 8th – mended 2 puncture in Gundy Moore jeep at Wk shops.

Tuesday 9th – pumped up tyres on jeep at Wk shop. Prepared 1st paper on biology course.

Friday 10th – 1 ½ snow fall. Snow and sleet all day. Mended puncture in jeep at wk shop. RSA souvenir Review from PHGB. Finished 1st paper on biology and posted.

Saturday 11th – cook house. Hard frost fine day. Ag from Jean 19 Oct 23. A Cas 24 Oct 18. RSA August Review from PHGB. Vapor trails from bombers. Drew £10 pay. Went to see Bob.

Sunday 12th – letter from Dad 22 Sept 51 days. Had haircut. Wrote to Mum Air LC. Wrote to Mj Air LC. Wrote to Jim Palmer.

Monday 13th – left at 11 o.c. for leave. 125 miles arr 5.30pm.

Tuesday 14th – went to Venetian Art Gallery and Royal Palace. Went to pictures.

Wednesday 15th – went to Vatican Museum and Art Gallery. Went to St Pauls and Catta combs. Went to Opera.

Thursday 16th – went to Vatican and St Peters saw Pope. Went to Roman forum Colloseum. Baths. Left Rome 10pm arr leave camp 12 mid night. Weight 80.5 kg x 2.205 = 178lbs = 12st 10.

Friday 17th – left leave camp 9am arr back at unit 3.30. Fine day.

Saturday 18th – went to R*P and dentist appoin for Wed 9am. Air LC from Mum 2 Nov 16. Rita 2 Nov 16. Ans and 1st biology papers returned.

Sunday 19th – made up parcel. Book 90 pictures of Rome. Book Vatican City. Opera pro. Venetian Art Gallery. 4 postcard 1 large photo of self. 2 photo groups. Map Rome. 3 pr gloves (YMCA) 4 pr stockings. Postage 1/6. Went to brigade football saw Trevor Richardson. Bob Monk came over.

Monday 20th – made up parcel. Salad server, beads. Cameo necklet, broch, 2 dados (dogs) ashtray, labels.

Tuesday 21st – posted Air LC Phyll. Worked on 2nd biology paper.

Wednesday 2nd— 4th Fld Am. Went to dentist. Filling replaced. Worked on 2nd biology paper.

Thursday 23rd – packed up. Posted 2nd biology paper.

Friday 24th – moved 6.30 108 miles 1 mile past Cesena arr 1pm fast trip.

Saturday 25th – fog misty rain visibility 800 yds all day. Cook house for tea.

Sunday 26th – went for walk. Misty rain in afternoon.

Monday 27th – moved 7 miles to Forlimpopoli Borodino 8.30. Rainy all day.

Tuesday 28th – posted air LC Mum. Stop 36 buttons at 2 ½ l ea. 90l. Received 4 copies troop photo taken at Cortona 19 July.

Wednesday 29th – posted Air LC Rita. Posted parcel buttons Mum. Collected Daimler from F.D.S mileage 1046.

Thursday 30th – worked on car.


Friday 1st – wireless set installed. Xmas card from Mj.

Saturday 2nd – moved up 4 miles to Adolph Hitler Barracks 1 mile from Forli.

Sunday 3rd — Air LC from Mj 19th Nov 14. Relaid tiles on roof over our room.

Tuesday 5th – went to R.H.Q. to 1.0.
Thursday 7th – posted Air LC Dad. Parcel home 17 July 143D. Parcel home 7 Aug 122D.

Wednesday 13th – moved over Lamone River noon v cold day trip. Good house. C of E Xmas greetings.

Thursday 14th – 2nd biology paper returned. Dubbin boots.

Sunday 17th – Air LC from Mum 27 Nov 20. Air LC from Rita 3 Dec 14. Ag from Princess St 24 Nov 23. Went into Faenza 1300 hrs to Reserves houses. Our infantry moved in during morning.

Monday 18th – moved into Faenza. House hit by shell. 2 Ag from Jean 24 Nov 24d. Spent night at 22HQ.

Tuesday 19th – trip back to B.1 Forli. Traffic up very jammed.
Wednesday 20th – cable from A.Em. Had a real bath. 8 thermettes of boiling water.

Thursday 21st – sent cable home. 309—87—313. Ink arrived from Mj 1 Nov 51 days. Trip to B.1.
Friday 22nd – trip to B.1 and up to fwd troop 400 yds from River Senio. Ag from Glady 30 Nov 22. Ag from Mum 4 Dec 18. Ag from Phyll 4 Dec 18.
Saturday 23rd – birthday cake arrived good condition 126 days. Patriotic parcel – cake, C&M, peas, cheese, barley sugar, cream, tooth brush, gibbs, playing cards, Andrews. Light snow falling all day, cold.

Monday 25th – parcel from home 11 Sept 105 days. Parcel from Mj 22 Nov 33. Dinner – soup, pork and turkey and apple sauce, cabbage, potatoes, cut beans, peas, plum pudding and sauce. Tea — cold pork, pickles, fruit salad, sweat meat, cake, oranges, nuts.
Tuesday 26th – posted Air LC Mum. Washed car.

Wednesday 27th – posted letter Mj. Photo Mj.

Thursday 28th – posted Air LC Phyll. Posted Air LC Glady. Posted NZEF Times Xmas no Mum. Posted Horowhenua drivers licence and 2 YM receipts Dad. Posted troop photo Mum.

Saturday 30th – moved back to Forli. I went to B2. Posted letter Ken. Posted Ag Princess St.

Sunday 31st – went to Kiwi Concert Party.



Monday 1st – went to Faenza. Went to SA concert. Parcel posted 19 July Arr 7 Dec 143. Birthday cake 20 Aug? arr 23 Dec 126. Parcel 7 Aug arr 7 Dec 122. Cake? 30 Aug. Parcel 11 Sept arr 25 Dec 105. Parcel Sept Waik Pat 26 Mar 180. Parcel A.Car 24 Oct 18 Mar 145. Parcel Phyll Oct 26 Mar 145. Parcel Glady 1 Dec 24 apr 144. Parcel Phyll 16 Dec 28 Feb 72. Parcel Phyll 15 Jan. Parcel Phyll 23 Jan. Parcel Phyll 12 Feb. Parcel Phyll cake 13 Mar.

Tuesday 2nd – greased car. Parcel from Mj 12 Dec. Went to Kiwi C Party excellent.

Wednesday 3rd – glove sizes – Mj size 7, Jean size 6 ¾ or 6 ½, Phyll size 7 ½, Mum size 7. Greased car. Wrote Air LC home.

Thursday 4th – 2.20 kilo grams = 1 lb. Innocculation typhus 6. Worked on car. Filled bevel boxes. Went to picture. “My Sister Irene”.

Saturday 6th – Air LC from Mum 16 Dec 21. Letter from Mj 26 Dec 11. Rainy all day. RHQ trip all day.
“the purpose of the organisation would be to maintain peace and security and to assist the creation through international co—operation of conditions of stability and wellbeing necessary for peaceful and friendly relations among nations”.

Sunday 7th – Ag from Jean 10 Dec 28. Snowing all day 6”.

Monday 8th – went to Faenza brought back load wood. Snowing.

Tuesday 9th – went for walk. Had wash. Washed clothes. Fine. Snow frozen.

Wednesday 10th – B1 for day. Ag from Mont 17 Dec 24. Freezing all day.

Thursday 11th – chilblains bad. Petrol pump frozen on car. Cleaned out all petrol systems. Letter from Dad 26 Oct 77. Rehab papers from BHB. Fine.

Friday 12th – repaired fastening on side box on car. Finished 3rd biology paper.

Saturday 13th – moved out of Adolf Hitler barracks to house on outskirts Forli.

Sunday 14th – 2 trips B1. Parcel from Mj (******* feet).

Monday 15th – posted Air LC Mum. Misty freezing all day.

Tuesday 16th – freezing all day, gray.

Wednesday 17th – 2 trips B1. Fine.

Thursday 18th – went to Faenza, brought back load wood. Fine day.

Friday 19th – went to Faenza for wood. Caught in hail, sleet snow.
Saturday 20th – Mac and Coburn transferred to B Sqn also Jefferies. I.C. troop almost wiped. Burt and self only org mem left.

Sunday 21st – moved to B1 in Forli. Air LC from Mum 4 Jan 17d.

Monday 22nd – busy day.

Tuesday 23rd – had medical inspection.

Wednesday 24th – more snow fell in night.

Thursday 25th – had shower. Much slush on roads.
Saturday 27th – went to pictures. Returned to B2.

Sunday 28th – work on biology.

Monday 29th – went to pictures. “Foot Light Serenade”.


Thursday 1st – no post.

Friday 2nd – car at fitters for dist, spark plug, carburetta, brakes overhaul. No post.

Saturday 3rd – letter from Mj. 25 Jan 9. No post.

Sunday 4th – Danny and Charlie left for home. Had shower. Very fine day. Nearly all snow melted. No post.

Monday 5th – posted Air LC Mj.

Tuesday 6th – posted Air LC Phyll. Posted postcards Fabriano Mum, Glady, Rita.

Wednesday 7th – posted parcel: covers, book Return to Attack, 3 NZEF Times, 5 wallets etc.

Thursday 8th – Tom went to A Esch. Air LC from Mum 18 Jan 21. Air letter from Dad 1 Jan 39. Xmas card from Lawrie. Book Good Nutrition from Jean.

Friday 9th – I went to RHQ. Moved up through Faenza. Rainy. Mud terrible.

Saturday 10th – Fine no trips.

Sunday 11th – 1 trip.

Monday 12th – Posted Air LC Dad. 2 trips.

Tuesday 13th – had shower, washed clothes. Very fine day. 3 trips.

Wednesday 14th – 2 trips.

Thursday 15th – Parcel from A Nell.

Friday 16th – Letter from Alf. A.G. from Parklands.

Monday 19th – Poster Air LC Mj, Mum.

Tuesday 20th – Air LC from Mum 29 Jan 22. Had shower, washed clothes. Fine frost. Jerry shelled 1800 to 1900 hrs.

Thursday 22nd – Posted 5th assignment biology.

Friday 23rd – Air LC from Gwen 3 Feb 20.

Saturday 24th – posted Air LC Gwen.

Sunday 25th – posted Air LC Ella.

Monday 26th – Posted Air LC Cliff, Mum. Went to B1 Forli. Letter from Mj 14 Feb 12.

Wednesday 28th – Parcel from Phyll 18 Dec 72. Had shower, washed clothes.


Thursday 1st – Air LC from Mum 6 Feb 23.

Friday 2nd – Letter from Dad 3 Dec 90. Xmas card from M Monk 115.

Tuesday 6th – Air LC from Mum 16 Feb 18.

Friday 9th – Had local shower.

Saturday 10th – Washed clothes. Air LC from Cliff 21 Feb 17.

Sunday 11th – posted to ERS for test book biology.

Wednesday 14th – Moved back to Cesenatico 35 miles. Parcel from Mj 7 Mar 7d.

Thursday 15th – pictures Y.M. open Song of Russia.

Friday 16th – Went to pictures Cervia meet the people. V. new theatre.

Saturday 17th – went to Rimini football 8th Army v D.A.F.

Sunday 18th – Parcel from A Car 24 Oct 145. Parcel from Parklands 15 Oct 154. Parcel from Mj 14 Feb 32.

Monday 26th – Waik Pat Parcel 180d. Parcel home Oct 140d. 8 parcels of returned troop chaps.

Thursday 29th – Parade. Yanky pictures V. good. Pat Parcel: cake, pears, barley sugar, tongues, cream, oysters, jam, cheese, plastaids & aspro. Demonstration – penetration tiger tank.
Friday 30th – Parade. Went on trip taking 1.0. Belaria. Slept at MORO.

Saturday 31st – Went to Forli to see tank exercise. Hair cut 10L. Went to 7SAAF wing via Ravena.


Sunday 1st – spent day on drome. Left at 10.30. Put clocks on 1 hr.

Monday 2nd – greased car. Air LC from Mum 11 Mar 22.

Tuesday 3rd – cookhouse. Yanky pictures The Girl in the Window.

Wednesday 4th – left 0830 advance party, moved through Cesana Forli about 4 miles put in country . 30 miles.

Thursday 5th – worked on car.

Friday 6th – trip to RHQ 11 miles each way. Moved 6 miles with B1. Air LC from Mj 28 Mar 10d. Air LC from Jean 8 Mar 30d. Handed in BD, blanket, jerkin, gumb.

Saturday 7th – One trip 2100 hrs.

Sunday 8th – 3 trips to RHQ. 1 trip to B2.

Monday 9th – 1 trip to B2. Action started. Bombers and barrage. One heavy dropped 20 bombs by mistake 1 mile from B1.

Tuesday 10th – RSMs driver for the day. Crossed Senio. Dug trench under car to sleep in. No shells from Jerry 100 yds in front of 25 pdrs. Photo from Glady. Dust terrific.

Wednesday 11th – dust terrific. 1 trip. No move.

Thursday 12th – Air LC from Mum 26 Mar 16. Had practise TSMG. No trip. No move.

Friday 13th — Moved 5 miles to S. Agata crossed Santerno.

Saturday 14th – 2 trips no move.

Sunday 15th – Carburettor and hand brake adj. Moved to A Esch to RSM Massa Lombarda. Modern factories. Jam fruit. Many orchards.

Monday 16th – Moved 7 miles over Sillaro.

Tuesday 17th – Moved 6 miles mainly on cart tracks.

Wednesday 18th – Moved 3 miles to Ganyanigi. Hell of a barrage.

Thursday 19th – No move. Air LC from Mj.

Friday 20th – Moved 9 miles to nearby Budrio. Crossed 6 rivers slept in *** Beautiful rows of trees. Air LC from Bill Russell 5 Ap 15d.

Saturday 21st – 1 trip back to Villa fontana for washing. No move.

Sunday 22nd – Moved 8am 10 miles. Moved 9pm 10 miles. 1 trip to RHQ over route 64. Went back to B.1.

Monday 23rd – moved 6 miles, 65 Venanyo. Moved 7pm over Rino River 7 miles n 7 hours in bed at 0230.

Tuesday 24th – Moved 9am 13 miles to near Modeno 3 miles from P.O. 4 parcels from Danny. 1 from Glady. 1 from Mont choc.
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Trooper A J Brown's Diary 1944 - 1945Trooper A J Brown's Diary 1944 - 1945