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Postcard, depicting a soldier in uniform (assume it is of Bert Howell the author) during World War One.

GALE'S STUDIOS Ltd, Branches everywhere [lists branches — UK].
Correspondence Address Only

Handwritten in pencil:
Dear Harry Just a line to let you know I am still somewhere this time in Blighty for a ten days holiday and having what you might call a hang of a time. I have had a proper tour around but am off back to France in the monring worse luck. I will drop you a line as soon as I get back and let you know just all about my trip over here, well for the present. Ta Ta. Bert ['Howell' — written in a different hand].

[Note — 'Harry' the addressee was Harry Thomas of Reikorangi].
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Postcard - Bert HowellPostcard - Bert Howell
Postcard, reverse - Bert HowellPostcard, reverse - Bert Howell