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Military Receipt
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Receipt, rectangular pink paper with black print and handwriting in pencil.

Receipt reads:

[Form N.Z. —148.
(in pads of 50 triplicates.) I No. 100486

Unit: [In handwritten pencil] 6
Date: [In handwritten pencil] 21—6—49
Place: [In handwritten pencil] [illegible]

Trainee's Number, Rank, and Name: [In handwritten pencil] Gun J D Brandon

Issued to Trainee the following articles:— [In handwritten pencil]
Badge [illegible] Collar, Title 2 Figure
Pr Hot Greatcoat, Hat, Jacket, [illegible]
P?, Trousers, Boots, Bandolier.

RECEIVED the above articles.
Signature of Trainee: [In handwritten pencil}
[See instructions on back of this form.]



1. The clothing, arms and equipment are in your charge, but remain the property of the New Zealand Government.

2. These articles will be used for military purposes only, and will be produced on demand in good order and condition.

3. You are responsible for any damage or loss which must be reported immediately.

4. You should notify your Unit of any change of address, and if you are leaving the drill centre, notify the Unit before leaving.

5. Cadets leaving school must return all uniform to the Military authorities and obtain an official receipt. Cadets are personally responsible for their uniform and are warned against leaving articles for another person to hand in.
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Receipt, New Zealand Military ForcesReceipt, New Zealand Military Forces
Receipt, New Zealand Military ForcesReceipt, New Zealand Military Forces