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Dress, Wedding
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Bolero, part of a wedding dress, pale orange/cream made from possibly a rayon fabric with two ties on each side On the lower part of the sleeves are 14 pieces of the fabric attached in a rufflled crinoline style. This effect is repeated with 4 pieces along the lower part of the bolero.

The bolero is worn over the wedding dress which is Object ID 2019.320.010

The bolero which matched the dress, was worn by Mary Wellock on her wedding day, (married to Alfred Barnaby Eames) on June 2nd 1931 in Napier.
Wedding Bolero
L—44 cm
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Wedding BoleroWedding Bolero
Wedding Bolero, details at the frontWedding Bolero, details at the front
Wedding Bolero over the dressWedding Bolero over the dress