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Letter, rectangular white paper in handwritten ink.

Letter reads:

44 Kerkwall Drive,
Naenae, Lower Hutt.

22 July.

Dear Jocelyn,

I have managed to catch up with David Dung today re the John Bergin Memorial Lecture. He gave me some pointers about where to go, but maybe 3 or 4 of us need to get together and get it going.
I shall be away 29, 30, 31 July, and it may need to be done in that time, or I have a school at 11.05am 1 August, but otherwise I am available at present.
We need to :—
1. Write to Peter Bergin, Neurology Dept, Auckland
a) Ask him to do the Inaugural Lecture — Jenny and I have spoken to him informally, and he was already aware of it.
He will need date/s and time. Or you may have time to contact him in Auckland this weekend.
2. Decide/book venue. David suggested the National Library Theatre. National Library Auditorium is only available 18 Sept, not 16 or 17. It costs $300 for 3 hours — not clear if that includes the cost of the kitchen. There may be someone who can negotiate a lower rate (?) (I have just phoned them)
Could Joy get us a lecture theatre at VUW?
Shell is not available between August—December. (I have phoned) Would Connolly be alright as a last resort?
3. Publicity. David suggested the GP organisation, the Post Graduate office at Wgton hospital, and nursing organisation/s Dr Bergin also belonged to St Luke's Guild and the Medical Christian Fellowship, both of whom should be invited. Lorna Bergin would help us with this. There is a daughter a GP too.
David also suggested a notice in the Information Centres for Wellington and Lower Hutt.
9. He had no ideas about time. My thoughts would be 7.30. Earlier and we would have to provide more food. 7.30pm we could start with wine, fruit juice and cheese. Indeed, it could be a Wine & Cheese Evening. Or we could have supper after. I don't want to use Too much Ellis money on excessive food, but we want to make it nice.
5. It may be nice to invite the Ellis family.

Hope this is useful to keep this project moving.
Hope your jury service is not being too stressful.
Have a good weekend in Auckland. Do phone if you want any more background to any topic.

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