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Clock, Alarm
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Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock which is possibly made from metal and painted red. There is a gold metal handle on the top with two twin bells. On the dial it has "BRADLEY MICKEY MOUSE C WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS". In the middle of the dial there is a picture of Mickey Mouse painted on the surface with a red and black body. The lower part of his body is extended on a cardboard cutout with yellow shoes which could vibrate when the clock is wind up. His arms are made from a metal and extend outwards, his hands are painted brown to look like gloves. When the clock is wind up his hands will point to the correct time. The dial is encased in plastic with a rim around it which could be gold plating and there are two small gold coloured metal legs which support the clock. On the back of the clock there are instructions engraved on how to set the alarm with "ALARM, SET ALARM, PULL ALARM, TIME" and the place it was made "HONG KONG".
Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock
H—6.4 W—10.5 D—4 cm
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Mickey Mouse Alarm ClockMickey Mouse Alarm Clock
Mickey Mouse Alarm ClockMickey Mouse Alarm Clock