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Aircraft Clock which would have been in the cockpit of an aeroplane and most likely in service during the Second World War. It is a black colour and made from metal. On the dial near the top it has in white "8 DAYS" and further below "L10/38 SWISS MADE". In the middle of the dial it has engraved in very small black writing "MKII No 4913/38 SMITH & SONS (MA) LTD LONDON REF No 6A/579". On the back there is an engraving of a crown and the initials "A.M." which stands for Air Ministry and a number "4913". There is a small white sticker that has in hand written ink "ESCAPE LEVER MISSING".
Aircraft Clock
H—6.3 W—6.3 cm
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Aircraft ClockAircraft Clock
Aircraft ClockAircraft Clock
Aircraft ClockAircraft Clock