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Calculator, Pocket
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Bee Meter which is circular and a silvery gray colour made from brass or metal with a circular loop on one side for inserting a chain. Around the front on the outer edge numbers are engraved on the surface, and on the front dial there is a transparent cover, possibly glass. In black print on the surface of the dial it has "WATKINS BEE METER", "STOP" and "LIGHT" with numbers. There is also a separate small circular metal piece with glass that was with the Bee Meter.

The Bee Meter was a light meter used to measure the relative intensity of light through Watkins' invention of the actinometer and it allowed a numerical value to be assigned to light. The Bee Meter also known as a photographic light meter, was a pocket calculator for determining exposure, so—called because it was small and highly efficient.
Watkins Bee Meter
W—4.2 L—4.2 Dia—4 cm
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Watkins Bee MeterWatkins Bee Meter
Watkins Bee MeterWatkins Bee Meter