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Artwork, wooden square blocks painted with metal rods. On the front square block are seven lines of words "nautical [ L. nauticus, fr. Gk. nautikos, fr. nautes sailor, fr. naus ship] : of, relating to, or associated with seamen, navigation, or ships". Further down a model of a sailing ship is attached. Around the edge are twenty six square blocks that represent nautical flags. On the back of the artwork it has in gray coloured handwriting "Navigators Shrine — To Nautical Communications 2010 — Susan Artner".

Nautical flags are an international code system used for two ships to signal to each other or for a ship to signal to shore. At sea only a few flag colours such as red, blue, yellow, black and white are easily recognized, and these colours only have been used to create this artwork.

Artwork, Navigator's Shrine — To Nautical Communications
H—32 W—44.5 inches
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Navigator's Shrine - To Nautical Communications by Susan ArtnerNavigator's Shrine - To Nautical Communications by Susan Artner
Artwork, back viewArtwork, back view
Artwork, details back viewArtwork, details back view