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Game, Table
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Victorian children's game. Wooden oak box through the middle of which a long shaft is attached, with a handle on the outside of the box. There are six holes in the shaft through which string is tied and each string goes through a small hole in the side of the box and is then attached to one of six lead horses. The handle would then have been wound and the horses would have been pulled to the side of the box at unequal distances, making one horse 'the winner'. There is a removable felt covered wooden panel that fits inside the box. The interior of the lid is also felt covered.
Exterior lid of box:
They're Off
The New Racing Game
By Letters Patent
Jacques & Son. London
Children's Horse Racing Game
H—8 L—25.5 D—9 cm
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Ascot Racing GameAscot Racing Game
Horse Racing GameHorse Racing Game
Lead HorsesLead Horses