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Flash, Handheld
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Flash magnifier, black and gray, possibly made from bakelite and metal. Embossed at the top it has "5 X" and engraved in the middle of the handle it has two curved lines and "8104 No 1266". On the front near the bottom end is a small engraving of a lighthouse with the words "LIGHT HOUSE". At the far end underneath is a bigger and clearer engraving of a lighthouse with the words "Light House".

On the box it has in red and black print, "LIGHT HOUSE FLASH MAGNIFIER TRADE MARK 5 X LIGHT HOUSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
Flash Magnifier
W—5.3 L—17.5 inches
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Flash Magnifier, front viewFlash Magnifier, front view
Flash Magnifier, back viewFlash Magnifier, back view
Flash Magnifier, details along the frontFlash Magnifier, details along the front
Flash Magnifier, detail, front viewFlash Magnifier, detail, front view
Flash Magnifier, details underneathFlash Magnifier, details underneath
Flash Magnifier BoxFlash Magnifier Box