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Meter, Exposure
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Exposure Meter which is a black colour and enclosed in a brown leather case. On one side at the top covered in glass it has "MADE IN ENGLAND, Weston Master III, UNIVERSAL EXPOSURE METER, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, Light". Just below this part it has a circular cardboard part that can be turned manually onto various numbers. On the back it has "SANGAMO WESTON LTD, ENFIELD, MIDDX, ENG. MODEL NO S141.3, NO. E8431, PAT.NO. 531996". It was used to determine the correct exposure for a photograph and recorded light value, indicated exposure value, f/stops, and shutter speeds.
Weston Master III Exposure Meter
W—6.5 L—10.1 cm
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Weston Master III Exposure MeterWeston Master III Exposure Meter
Western Master III Exposure MeterWestern Master III Exposure Meter