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Ceremonial sash from the Ancient Order of Foresters.
Red satin sash, green stripes down sides, white stripe up middle.
Adorned with 'P.C.R' (Past Chief Ranger), images of: an eye, moose's head, coat of arms sitting atop leaves with a rose flower, under which are the letters 'A.O.F' (Ancient Order of Foresters). Then an image of a globe with a ribbon around it on which are the words 'Unity Belevolence & Concord'.
The AOF was a friendlly society, ie. they collected volunteers' funds, some of which were then available to an individual during a time of hardship.

AOF Sash
W—6.5 L—134.5 cm
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AOF SashAOF Sash
AOF SashAOF Sash