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Newspaper Clipping
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Clipping, Newspaper
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Single clipping from newspaper, 28.5 x 18cm
Scope & Content:
[Newspaper clipping, rectangular.]

[Newspaper clipping reads]

Maoris knew plants'
medicinal value


[First six paragraphs]

In recent years science has proved the value of many medicinal plants known and used by the Maoris long before the coming of the Pakeha.

Through the war years, 1939—45, when ergot, one the most valuable drugs, was almost unprocurable, thousands of men, women and children gathered the precious brown granules from the grasses of our country.

Agar, the clinging seaweed which grows in abundance on our rocky beaches, provided the glutinous substance needed in our hospitals and laboratories.

Today, there are still many people who ask how did the Maoris discover the medicinal value of plants.

What did they use for the cure of simple ailments? How did they heat water before the advent of the iron pot?

Many of their remedies were very simple and are still used extensively by Maoris of today.

[Bottom right handside]

KAPI—MANA NEWS, October 9, 1979 — 29
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Newspaper Clipping, Maori, medicinal plantsNewspaper Clipping, Maori, medicinal plants