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Instruction Booklet
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Booklet, 6 pages, 20.5 x 14cm
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[Instruction booklet, rectangular, white paper with black print and colour illustrations inside. On the front cover is an illustration of a radio in a brown colour and a very small illustration of a ship.]

[Booklet reads]

[Front cover]


Instructions for Operation

[Page 1, paragraphs 1 and 2]

THE Columbus Radio Model 90 is an exceedingly simple instrument to operate. The following instructions, however, have been compiled so that yu may derive the fullest advantages from the possession of a high fidelity receiver. The central knob (marked A in the illustration) is the On—Off switch. Turn to the left for the "on" position—to the right for "off".

WHEN you look at your Model 90 you will see five tuning scales. The top green one is the broadcast band, the remaining white ones being shotwave bands. To the left of these you will see a white dot . . . this is the Band Indicator. The Band Indicator Control is the bottom left—hand knob (marked B in the diagram). Simply turn this until the dot is opposite the band you wish. Would you mind turning it now to the Broadcast Band?

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Instruction Booklet, Columbus Radio Model 90Instruction Booklet, Columbus Radio Model 90