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Single sheet of paper, 29.5 x 21cm
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[Note, rectangular white paper with black typed print.]

[Note reads]


Wi Parata introduced South Island Wekas to the area.

Wi Parata represented Ngati Toa at the Land Trials. The case began in 1886 and it was not settled until after 1890.

Wi Parata's mother was Waipunahau, a woman of rank and mana.

His father is always said to be an English whaler named Stubbs who drowned and is buried on Kapiti Island. However an early edition of the N.Z. Biographies states that his father was an American whaler.

Rev. Richard Taylor records in his journals that he met a Mr Parata at Waikanae and referred to him as a man of many hiding places because he saw him bring tools out of hiding places in the bush.

Rev Richard Taylor also records in his journal of Wi Parata.

FEB 16TH 1849.

Wyburn came to say the natives had killed one his cows. I found that Wiremu Parata saw the poor cow in Kawanas potatoe ground and threw his hatchet at it making a wound in the poor creatures flank 6 inches long and 5 inches deep. Wi Parata had nothing to do with the ground and the cow had done no injury. He thought it a good opportunity for seeking revenge for the cows having entered his ground at some former period. I was grieved to see a malicious spirit in one who professed to be a Christian. I left this with the Maoris. They summoned a meeting. John Williams expressed abhorance. Honi Kingi suggested a fine of three pounds another said twenty pounds and let him be cast in prison. Kawana said that because he did it on HIS ground HE should also pay ten shillings lest I might supposed he had sanctioned the deed. It was agreed on a fine of four pounds of which three to be paid to Wyburn and one pound to me, and if the cow died full value given to the owner a document made out by John Williams signed by Parata and witnessed by Hona Kingi and Hona Wiremu.

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[Ruth Wright Collection]
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