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12.7 x 13.3cm
Pink lined paper, ripped along two edges.
Hand written in ink.
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Side 1: Receipe "Halloways Pills"
Barbados Aloes (in powder) 1/2 ounce — Powdered [xxx] ginger 1/4 ounce. Castile soap 1/4 ounce. Mix together and make pills of same size.

Side 2:Recipe for unknown substance. (Possibly fertiliser or fungicide?)
[xxx] Sulpher [xxx]
Three drachmas Acetate of lead
Two drachmas — glycerine one ounce.
Rub them together in a [xxx] add gradually one pint of distilled water. Let it stand for twenty four hours. Pour off the clear liquor. Add to the liquor two ounces of [xxx] of Rosemary.
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