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Single sheet of paper, 12 x 15.5cm
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[Letter, rectangular white paper and handwritten ink.]

[Letter reads]


F/1 Masonic flats

Dear Rona,

So nice to get your ring, thankyou very much. Sorry I couldn't help you with any particulars of Billy Quill. I only know he was fond of the booze. I expect you related the time when he pinched his mother's billy of cream, she had got from milking her two cows & separated. To get mony for more drink he took it over to Stan Parker's Billiard room & tried to sell it there when no one would buy he kicked it all over the billiard tables. Such a talented person to go that way, he could have attained greater heights. This was true as our Dad & Lou's Dad were playing Billiards at the time, Lou always laughed about it.

[Part of letter possibly missing in front]


[Handwriting with a line crossed through]

[Ruth Wright Collection]
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Letter to RonaLetter to Rona