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Post Office Savings Bank Book
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Book, Account
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Booklet, 10 leaves (8 are not full size), 16 x 10cm
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[Booklet, rectangular, yellow cover with black print, at the top is the insignia of the New Zealand Post Office. Inside on white paper is black print, handwritten ink and different coloured stamps.]

[Booklet reads]

[On the front cover]




No. [stamp] 868925

In all communications with the Department on savings—bank business the above particulars should be quoted.

[Inside front cover and first page]

DEPOSITORS are earnestly requested to make themselves conversant with the rules printed herein for their guidance and protection.

THE loss of this pass—book should be immediately reported to the Chief Post—master of the district in which the account is open.



Every care should be taken by the Depositor to guard against the loss of this book.

Postal Officers are prohibited from holding Depositor's books for safe custody.

The entry of the amount of each deposit or withdrawal in the Deposit—book should be carefully examined by the Depositor before he leaves the Post—office, in order that he may be satisfied that the entry is correct in every particular.

No person may for his own benefit have two accounts in the Post Office Savings—bank at the same time. Disregard of this rule by a Depositor renders him liable, under section 74, subsection (3), of the Post and Telegraph Act, 1928, to a penalty besides the forfeiture of all interest paid or payable in excess of the prescribed limit.

A Deposit—book is not proper security for money lent, and no claim by any person holding a Deposit book in respect of a loan can be recognized by the Department

DEPOSITOR: [In handwritten ink] Jessie Annette Janson

[The first date of entry was May 1922 and last stamp] INTEREST TO 31ST MARCH 1967
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Post Office Savings Bank BookPost Office Savings Bank Book
Post Office Savings Bank Book, detailsPost Office Savings Bank Book, details
Post Office Savings Bank Book, back coverPost Office Savings Bank Book, back cover