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2 sheets of paper, 29.5 x 21cm
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[Letter, rectangular white paper with black print.]

[Letter reads]

[Top left handside]

Telephone (058) 34065

[In handwritten ink] Val Walker

Nathan Real Estate

[Top right handside]

John R. Campion
131 Tutere Street
New Zealand
[In handwritten ink] 28/9/87

Dear Sirs


This letter is being sent to land agents who have had an association with Weggery & company in the past and who may be interested in tendering their services as sole agent for the marketing of 15 lots at present being developed at the end of Weggery Drive. Tenders in hand will be considered by the owners probably early in November and it is expected that the sections will be ready for sale by February 1988 and hopefully be sold by the end of 1988.

Any particular firm will not necessarily be appointed. The owners can be expected to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each tender received and decide in their own best interests.

A tender should contain the following information and anything else considered relevant:

1. The proposed publicity and marketing strategy and how this would be funded.

2. The rate of commission and whether this is charged on the sale price including G.S.T. or excluding G.S.T.

3. The number and experience of Staff both in Waikanae and elsewhere available to service the assignment.

4. The recommended price and terms for each separate lot
(a) if natural gas is reticulated and (b) if it is not.

5. Weggery's form of agreement of sale and purchase and the price are not negotiable although any defect (if any) can be pointed out with the view of its being rectified. (The terms for the last release were 15% deposit and the balance at the date of occupation or 15% deposit and 20% on date of occupation and the remaining 65% spread over 12 equal quarterly instalments with interest at 13%.

I enclose a reduced copy of the sale plan. A larger copy is available on request. The actual survey and pegging will be done shortly before the lots are released for sale, [but is crossed out]. Weggery's Engineers.

Messrs Payne Sewell and Co. attend their Waikanae office generally each Tuesday (Phone 36835) and will supply information about the lots on request.

Preliminary work is already in progress for the 21st subdivision and further subdivisions can be expected to follow in the foreseeable future.

Yours faithfully

[Signed with Signature in handwritten ink] J R Campion
John Russell Campion
Attorney for Weggery & Company
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Letter to Nathan Real Estate from John Russell Campion, page 1Letter to Nathan Real Estate from John Russell Campion, page 1
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