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Single sheet of paper, 21 x 15cm
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[Letter, rectangular white paper with black print and handwritten ink.]

[Letter reads]

42 Wadestown Road
Wellington 1
New Zealand


Dear Ruth,

Re the "The Maketu" grave — I have not forgotten. I have discussed it with Sharon Dell of Turnbull Library & she thinks I just may find more about it in a register of deaths they have in the library. It opened for business on Wednesday but I've been so busy this week I have not been able to spare the time to go & research.
I have also talked to Maui Pomare about it & he has a few vague ideas & suggestions which I will follow up. However if you look in the "The Kapiti Coast" by Carkeek page 76—77 you will find that a Maketu was a chief from Wanganui who came down to support Mamaku, also from Wanganui & Te Rangihaeata in the final bid to get rid of the Wellington settlers in 1846.
This could be the same fellow

[on verso]
married to a local (as Maui puts it) & he also has an idea that that area might be a burial ground older than Takemore, but don't count on any of these ideas till I can do some searching in Turnbull. Percy Smith may mention something in his "West Coast".
If you need something for Otaki H.S. before you hear from me again you can explain the above to them. He may have been buried from the Waikanae or Otaki Church & it is just possible that it is recorded in an old church register — then again he may not have been Christian.
Will let you know how I get on. Probably will be at Waikanae about 11—12 July.

Peg Fleming

[Ruth Wright Collection]
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Letter to Ruth from Peg FlemingLetter to Ruth from Peg Fleming
Letter to Ruth from Peg FlemingLetter to Ruth from Peg Fleming