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2 single sheets of paper
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[Letter, photocopy, rectangular white paper with black typed print.]

[Letter reads]

20 Glenbervie Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington

10 February 1992

G W F Thompson
MacAlister Mazengarb Perry Castle
PO Box 927

Dear Geoff,


Thank you for your letter of 8 January. The draft deed that you enclosed looks fine to me. My only thought is whether it should say in section 3.1 something to the effect that wheeled traffic is not contemplated "... to repair for pedestrian use only, to maintain and preserve the bridge and to develop on adjacent land etc..."

The reason for this will be clear when you read the enclosed engineer's report which has been prepared by Win Clark of Morrison Cooper. Although there is significant deterioration in some important structural members (see para 3), they are still entirely adequate for pedestrian loadings. We can therefore legitimately avoid the considerable cost of replacing these members if we are bound to keep the bridge for light loadings only. This is just a suggestion — you may see that it is unessary to be explicit.

To make the bridge safe for pedestrians, I would favour the option of replacing the rotted decking rather than building a walkway (see para 2). A walkway would detract from the appearance of the bridge.

The ideas of a period fence for the approach is a good one. A post and rail fence may be appropriate, although perhaps by the turn of the century they would be less common than a simple post and 5 or 7—wire fence. I will do some more research on that question. Mitchpine might be a bit stretched ot produce split timeber for a post and rail fence, but they might also like the challenge!

[Page 2]

I have talked to Chris Maclean about sources of information on the histroy of the bridge. He is making some notes, and will brief my mother next week at the National Library — she has voluteered to act a researcher under his guidance.

It would be good to have someone locally who could interview old residents of the area and record some of the stories about the valley and the bridge — the few stories Roy Marsh told us for instance should be recorded. I am sure such oral history will help the Trust in due course to fulfil its educational role.

Kind regards.

[Handwritten signature]

Chris Cochran

[Ruth Wright Collection]
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Letter to G W F Thompson from Chris CochranLetter to G W F Thompson from Chris Cochran
Letter to G W F Thompson from Chris CochranLetter to G W F Thompson from Chris Cochran